• Recommendations for Judith

    Mary B.


    I wanted to send a letter thanking you for all of your help with my River Place Co-op.From the initial search for my apartment to your current support while I am deployed to Afghanistan, you have been not only professional but also extremely understanding and organized throughout the situation.Your knowledge of the Arlington and D.C. areas is expansive and enthusiastic! I have been consistently impressed at your ability to provide facts and figures about my neighborhood, and how much you seem to love what you do.Again – I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me.I look forward to continuing working with you when it comes time to sell my apartment.



    Mary B.

    Dear Judith,

    It was a real pleasure working with you.  Thank you for staying on top of me with all my paperwork.  This is my biggest purchase ever so you can probably imagine the fear and excitement that I went through, but with all the help from everyone, you got me through it.  Now I am in my decorating mode and having fun.  I have told all of my friends and co-worker about my experience and they are very proud and excited for me.  I have also recommended you for their home purchase.

    Thanks again,


    Bruce B

    Dear Judith,

    I wanted to express to you my great pleasure in the work you have done for me in the last year.  Of the two properties that you handled, one a sale and one a rental, you quickly, in our first meeting, sized up what was needed to make the property marketable and then you took it upon yourself to get the work done, manage its execution, make trips to Home Depot, contact tradesmen, meet with them, deal with the building management effectively and completely.  Most amazing was your thoroughness, making sure that everything was done, on time, on budget, and properly.  It is this “get it done right” attitude that allowed the properties to be sold or rented in record, time, literally days, in this very tough real estate market.  To simply say you are a “go-getter,” understates your skill and ability.  It is these qualities that allow you to make execution of these tasks look simple.  I know that they are not and I, for this reason, appreciate your professionalism.  You are a credit to your company and the real estate profession, and your company is lucky to have you.



    Woo L

    Hello Judith,

    Thank you for the daily updates for the DC duplexes and the legal information for my co-op. Those information have been of a great help in forming my decisions and the course of actions. I hope that we can produce a result this time again. It reminds me of the past when you finally found me a co-op in 2002. I still remember that you were very patient with me, and always guided me safe in protecting my best interest. You truly represented me well then as my realtor, and I thank you again. In interim, I would want to express my appreciation for your time and efforts this time again. I was very well aware that some of my questions were not within the scope of your profession. Nonetheless, you provided me with superb answers, and you did it with a can-do attitude. It matches your character, if I remember you correctly. You have not changed! You are not only committed to your profession but also taking pleasure while you are at it. In my opinion, you are an expert in your trade; you are totally reliable; you are a pleasure to work with. And, that is what I call a consummate professional! And, what more can I expect from my realtor!!!!! Thank you for accepting me as your client this time again. I feel privileged. Indeed, it is a great comfort for me to get back to you who know your job, and whom I can trust. Thank you again, and have a wonderful day!


    Susan E and Terry O

    Dear Judith,

    I have dealt with many realtors in my over 30 years of custom home building as a Class A licensed general contractor.  We feel very lucky that you agreed to be our realtor and represent us in our transaction.  Your professionalism, attention to detail, and determination to satisfy our needs would leave any seller or buyer that you serve as satisfied as we are.

    Most sincerely,

    Susan and Terry

    Bob B

    I bought a house today. And so I’d like to suggest that you ask Judith Michaels to help you buy or sell your home.

    For at least the last two years, low mortgage rates combined with a strong job market in the DC/Metro area have created a strong seller’s market for single-family homes (and condominiums). Prices have almost doubled in the last 5 years and in many places (especially the more desirable areas of lower Montgomery County) houses are under contract in a matter of days after they are listed and quite often sell above the listed price. Buyers in the market know this all too well. The question is, what can you do about it?At first, I didn’t ’t think I needed a buyer’s agent. But after shuffling around from one open house to another, not having any professional feedback (and thus not much of a basis for making comparisons), and finding out that many listing agents or their contacts don’t return calls these days, I decided I had best get someone on my team. Enter Judith Michaels.

    One Sunday last fall, she was showing a property in Bethesda, one that I immediately liked, based on the few I had already seen. There was a question about possible paving that required contacting Montgomery Country officials. Judith spent half a day on the phone for me – the very next day — getting the information. And we didn’t even have a contract or any kind of working agreement at that time! That willingness to help impressed me a lot, and although I dithered and let that house get away, I knew I had to have someone in there pitching for me. So we wrote a 3-month contract, with option to renew.

    I had particular requirements that others might not have (close to town, garage) and instead of trying to talk me into considering listings I didn’t want, she focused on what I did want. There wasn’t much to look at in my price range, but we looked at six or seven places at least, and I saw some more on my own – usually reporting in on what I had seen in a Monday morning e-mail.  Offers were made; offers were rejected. The weeks went on.

    To condense six months of my time into just a few minutes of yours, I’ll just say I got the place I wanted by doing my own homework, in addition to enlisting the services of a professional.  I spent somewhat more than my original target – but now six months after I started, there are no regrets. The house has already appreciated to the point I thought was too much just five months ago. I realized in the first two months of 2004 that although this seller’s market won’t go on forever, it’s the current reality and you have to move quickly and work to have the cleanest offer you can. I don’t expect a house to pay my way through life, but you have to jump in at some point. Put in offers and risk losing a few, or you won’t get the house that is right for you.

    Judith offers advice when asked, but doesn’t force opinions on you. She knows the market, explains each step of the process, promptly returns your calls and answers your e-mail, gets a colleague to assist you if she can’t be available, shows up on time, and is informed and professional in working with you and the other real estate professionals involved in almost any residential real estate transaction. She will do her best to get you the property you want and give you the professional feedback you can’t get from friends and family.

    So, if you are just bouncing from one overcrowded open house to the next and getting nowhere (as I was), call Judith Michaels and see what she can do for you. It will make a big difference in your home buying experience.


    Parrish J

    Dear Judith,

    I want to thank you for your enthusiastic help in assisting us to find a home in DC.  Your knowledge of the market and energetic search for homes in our low price range made it possible for us to do what seemed at first impossible to us.Once we found a house, I appreciated your consistent follow-up on preparation for closing, which helped assure that everything was ready for us on the day and time appointed.I wish you well in the future.



    Onahlea S

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I would like to offer my highest personal recommendation for Judith Michaels.  She has been and continues to be an outstanding real estate agent for me.  She is kind and caring and very dedicated to meeting my needs.  Throughout any of our real estate transactions, Judith has been efficient and thorough.  I have no worries or doubts when Judith is handling my real estate affairs.I am extremely happy that I have found such a professional and committed person in Judith Michaels.